January 25, 2020

Indoor training with Tate Martinsen of Red Point Kennel.  Begins 9AM, lunch provided, $50.00 per person.  Contact Kim Jones to reserve a place.  307-689-5450 or email



Black Hills Chapter's Training Mission

The mission of the Black Hills Chapter is to teach our members how to train their own dogs.  This is done through training sessions and clinics.  The foundation and basics are covered in training, but most of the work will be done by the owner/handler, who builds on what is learned at training.


Handlers must be committed to their own training programs in order to be successful.  Work with birds, in the field, and in the water outside of chapter training and clinics will be necessary to bring out the best in  your hunting companion.

Enjoy the Journey

There are few things more rewarding than watching a hunting dog's "light come on."  It's a wonderful thing when a well-bred pup begins to have confidence in its natural hunting ability, especially when you have been working with that pup.  Train with a positive attitude.  We do this because we love it!

Training Dates

January 25, 2020 Tate Martinsen Training Clinic at Camplex in Gillette

Not a member of our chapter?

You are welcome to join us for one session of training without being a chapter member.  Bird fees will apply.